Little Bros were in charge this weekend. They told me that my diapers weren’t thick enough so they double stuffed me and put me in a dry 24/7 AND M4. Do they look thick enough now?

This made me feel sooooo little.

Someone keep me like this for the weekend?



Since you guys said I should do it, here is my chastity challenge.

On the top right side of my tumblr you’ll see a countdown showing how many hours left I have in chastity. If that countdown hits zero then the challenge is over.

Every like / reblog on this post will add 1 hour to the countdown.

Every donation of £1 will add 1 day.

Reblogs / likes will be added to the countdown instantly but donations may take a few hours. (Should it hit zero while waiting for a donation to apply I will of course not end the challenge)

Every week that I’m in chastity I will post 1 pic to show that I’m still in it.

I’ve added 24 hours to the countdown already to start it off.

Here goes, as of 07/07/2014 at 1am GMT the challenge has begun. :3

For those who asked - 

There is a reblog button and donate button beneath the counter on the top right of the tumblr page. :)


Look at what my daddy found in a yard sale YAY my very own car seat !!!!!!!
\ /\/\ /

I wish I had one! 

(Of course it would probably need a better lock to keep me in…)