PullUps are great for work or school. They look like real underwear rather than diapers, so your boy can use the bathroom or change in the locker room in confidence.

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Caged and padded. The way I’m meant to be.


My new tinkerbell dress. Anyone have any picture ideas? I’m open to suggestions

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Me, my amazing BF and my new teddy^^ I’ve never been more happy in my life :P
And as a big extra plus minimaxkiddo took time out to edit the picture^^ thanks minimax! *hug*

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The humiliation of having to borrow your little sister’s pull ups  

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Who wants to prop me up on this changing table and take off my pee-pee’d diap? :)

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slappin my new sticker series up around the city

I may have laughed a bit too hard at this.

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